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Canaccord Genuity ETF Portfolios

With today’s more complex and globally interconnected markets, many investors put their trust in professional portfolio management to build and protect wealth. Canaccord Genuity ETF Portfolios provide discretionary money management and place a strong emphasis on proprietary research, giving investors a clear advantage.

The team draws on a database of more than 3,500 ETFs, examining characteristics such as size, style, sector, liquidity, cost and overall quality. All ETFs in the Canaccord Genuity ETF Portfolios are rigorously analyzed to provide value-added investment returns through various economic and market conditions.   


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Featured Portfolio- Balanced Growth

Professional Asset Management

• Access to a proven institutional investment management approach

• Global diversification and risk management

• Comprehensive due diligence of all CC ETF mandates

• A consultative process led by your Canaccord Genuity advisor that customizes your CC ETF Portfolio to meet your financial needs and goals

Tax Advantages

• Direct ownership of securities eliminates hidden or embedded capital gains

• Securities are portable

• Greater transparency and flexibility than investing in mutual funds

• Potential for tax deduction on professional fees paid

Robust Performance Reporting

• Monthly custody statements which show client holdings, activity and market value

• Quarterly performance reporting showing a consolidated view of your entire portfolio

• Year-end accounting summary

Fee Transparency

• Predictable monthly fee that may be tax-deductible for non-registered accounts

Expertise All Around You

• Access to the Complete Canaccord comprehensive wealth management services

• Coordinated thinking across all aspects of your financial life

• Plans and solutions to achieve your goals in areas including financial and retirement planning, tax planning, wealth protection, wealth transfer and legacy planning*