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We work with you to develop all aspects of your Wealth Management Plan. The Stavridis Team is committed to utilizing all 5 pillars to support your goals. 


Investment Planning 

We focus on providing the best investment planning and wealth investment management to our clients by offering a wide variety of financial investment services in asset management. From private wealth management to corporate wealth services, we strive to be amongst the top wealth management firms by giving our clients the best financial and investment planning services.

Retirement Planning

We strive to deliver in depth financial planning & analysis that will allow our wealth management team to build our client’s portfolios with the end goal of preserving and generating our client’s supplemental income through their retirement years. We customise retirement investment portfolios to our client’s specific and respective needs of our clientele.

Insurance Planning

As expert Investment Advisors & Planning Professionals, we treat every individual’s situation differently when it comes to planning their respective life insurance. In order to protect one’s financial management plan, we focus our attention on protecting an individual’s assets under management in case something were to happen to our client’s health. We take the duty of care of our client’s best interests very seriously.

Tax Planning

When discussing investment advice with our clients, the Stavridis wealth management team emphasizes the importance of being fiscally responsible. Tax efficiency can generate better returns in your portfolio and leave you with more money in your pocket. There are several ways our financial advisory team can assist you in building a tax efficient investment portfolio to reduce liability and maximize your returns.

Financial Planning

Developing a financial plan or estate plan will help ensure that you have the information and tools to make the right investment choices for you, your family and your business. At Stavridis Wealth Management Group, we know how important it is to develop plans that consider both your current and future needs – and those of your loved ones. Our Wealth & Estate Planning Specialist can guide you through this process, helping to ensure you make the most of your investments.